What if Missing Keys Are Revelation of an Inner Storm?


What if you woke up knowing that you were surrounded in an abundance of unconditional love?  What if you walked outside your door each day walking in the light of this limitless love?  What if, rather than worry, you chose to be in complete acceptance; and what if instead of blocking out the negative aspects the day, you chose to embrace all the positives?  What if the negatives were actually positives in disguise?  Perhaps a co-worker is bringing up raw emotion in you to shine a light on something you need to balance within yourself, or quite possibly, everything keeps going wrong today to wake you up to the present moment… because you’ve been lost in your head lately.  I would be thanking the universe rather than cursing under your breath.  Sometimes we are so blind.

It’s clear to me that the Hermetic Philosophy “as above, so below” is even more intricate in design than I could ever fathom, and it’s revealing itself in ways that blow my mind.  The clouds, for instance, often block the sun, but the sun is always there regardless of the movement of the clouds.  In my own body, the clouds are my negative thinking and the sun is my soul.  When I am in a state of fear, I imagine that my body is weathering a storm.  It is difficult to see the light when the inner clouds are heavy with doubt or distraught with terror about my future, but the second I open up my heart to the moment that I am in (which is me just sitting in a chair with no goblins jumping out at me) the sun breaks through and a rainbow begins to appear.  I’m touching my desk, enjoying a glass of water and everything around me is perfectly still.  The storm clouds begin breaking apart when I become aware of the actual moment, rather than lingering inside of my own personal fears.  And then there is that understanding that I am loved beyond measure, which means that I am never truly in harms way.  My well-being is always considered, so I should be aware of this when I think that the world is out to get me.  My own thoughts are often a treacherous hurricane, but my awareness of them is the sudden shift in weather patterns.  I can turn the hurricane away simply by shining light on it.

Lately I’ve been trying to walk in this light of love and trusting that when I walk outside my door, the world is embracing me, rather than buying into my thoughts that something could go wrong.  I’ve begun opening myself up to trusting that people in my life are there guiding me along my path instead of worrying about how they judge me.  Since I’ve been doing this, I’ve noticed a dramatic shift in my experience with people.  They seem to be more accepting of me, and interested in me.  My own personal fear of judgment has been blocking them from being present with me.  How can they see my light if I am weathering an inner storm?  We walk around in a very shallow state, but when we become aware and open, it clears the way for others.  I’m having this experience in every aspect of my life, from co-workers to family to neighbors.  I’m opening up and so are the people around me.  The storm clouds are parting and the town is coming out to play.  We don’t realize how much the world reflects our inner state of being.  It’s pretty incredible.

To be present not only means to get out of my head and to feel the wood on my desk beneath my hands; it means to know exactly what comes up for me when I encounter life in the moment.  Does the slow traffic bring up anger?  Then forget the traffic and notice the anger.  Does a friend bring up jealousy?  Forget the friend and regard the envy.  Does a lack of money bring up worry?  Forget the money.  The lack thereof is a gift.  Enter into the worry and deal with it.  The worry is a blockage in your life, holding you back from receiving that which awaits your awareness. Once you shake hands with your negative emotions, the world will have room to move into the direction of abundance.  In our fears (anger, jealousy, anxiety) we block out the abundance of sunlight.  Open yourself up to love and discover yourself liberated.  

We believe that being present simply means smelling the roses, but it also means being aware of the storm clouds within.  I’ve been noticing each fear that comes up for me throughout the day.  The moment I give it attention, the quicker it flees.  I feel like I’m playing hide-n-seek with my soul.  The fear is coming up sporadically like shifty clouds in an early spring sky, but the light is always present.  I’ve just got to look past those pesky clouds.  Give them attention and then tell them to move on. 

Accept the abundance of love in your life whether it comes from a person, or simply from knowing that it’s embracing you and limitless.  You are the only thing in the way of that eternal light.  It’s certainly working for me.  I’m filled with much more joy, and enjoying simple things with such gratitude that I could cry.  As I’m concluding this blog, the sun is rising and shining upon me.  Coincidence?  I think not. 

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