THE DEVIL’S ALTAR – A Soul’s Dynamic Journey Through Recovery, by J.L. Forbes

THE DEVIL’S ALTAR – From Addiction to Awakening, by J.L. Forbes

I’ve been busy getting my memoir ready for publishing.  This book I wrote is something you’ll want to check out regardless if you’re in recovery, or simply suffering in your life.  There is a spiritual solution.  I’ve been in the throes of addiction, but today I know what true freedom is about.  It is difficult for me not to weep, when I realize what I’ve been through to get myself sober.  It has been an incredible, and tumultuous journey. 

You can download my book for free on your phone, PC or tablet. 

Please share this message of courage, strength and hope with anyone who can relate.

Take care of yourself today,

With much gratitude,

J.L. Forbes
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