A Culture of Neglected Dreams


To close my eyes each night is to enter into another dimension of my life.  Vivid dreams have been a part of my experience for as long as I can remember.  I even recall my first nightmare about a monster in a caboose.  I’m certain one day I’ll write a children’s book with this very title.  (Perhaps this afternoon).  Dreams have inspired my writing for decades.  My imagination expands during those precious moments of sleep.  Dreams also tell me a story about myself.  They indicate where I am, what fears I’m still harboring, and reveal my suppressed emotions.  I take a few moments each morning to recall and reflect on my dreams, regarding them as a looking glass into my emotional, mental and spiritual state of being.  I’ve been doing this since I was about sixteen.

I used to take the time to write down my dreams so that I could study each symbol, but now I quickly review whatever images and feelings stand out in my dreams, and I go through them during the course of the day to get an idea of what’s going on for me.  Sometimes friends or family will share their vivid dreams with me to get some insight on their meaning.  Most people disregard their dreams, yet they may spend a lot of money on therapy.  I’ve always been of the understanding that I’m my own psychiatrist.  Nothing is missing from me.  My dreams reveal more to me about myself than any outside person could ever discover by talking to me about my childhood.  As human beings, we are fully equipped with everything we need in order to experience our wholeness.  The way our culture ignores their dreams is like the way we waste an animal after a hunt.  In Native American culture (along with many other native cultures), they used every part of the animal that they hunted.  They also regarded their dreams and had tribal dream interpreters.  We are a culture that wastes some of the most important aspects of who we are.  Being acquainted with yourself through your dreams is like inviting each part of your life experience into your natural wholeness and completeness.  Disregarding your dreams is like trashing important information about yourself.

My children and I share our dreams with one another.  My son told me about a dream he had regarding a lion.  I told him that the lion was himself.  He stood back shocked, knowing I was right on.  His astrological sign is a Leo.  I have dreams about twins quite often and I am a Gemini.  My daughter always tells me her dreams, which are rich and vivid.  She has epic dreams in crazy detail.  I remind both of my children that their dreams are part of their life and they should give ample attention to them to get insight about what is going on for them.  Fears come up a lot in dreams.  It is such a beautiful indicator of what we need to face in our lives.

Everything in your dreams represents an aspect of yourself.  Most people who dream of other people think the dream is about the other person.  More often than not, there is an aspect of that other person revealing that very aspect in yourself.  We are all mirrors of each other in the waking life.  However you perceive that specific person in your dream, indicates those certain characteristics about yourself.  I could go on and on.  This subject fascinates me to no end.  It makes me sad that our culture leaves their dreams under the covers.  Life is always occurring, even during our sleep period, and we should learn to honor our dreams.  It would certainly be less costly if we tapped into our own inner therapist – the natural psychiatrist.

Perhaps today you can take some time to reflect on your dreams and write down some things that stand out for you – colors, emotions, images, experiences.  Notice that every part of your dream is an aspect of you.  If you see water, this is an emotional indicator.  Is the water still?  Is it tranquil or moving rapidly?  Is there a storm?  Are  you at the seashore where the emotional body meets the physical body (harmony)?  If you’re in car, are you in the driver’s seat, or are you riding along in the backseat?  Is the car out of control, or are you in total control?  All of these things indicate where you are in your waking life.  If you have a dream you are curious about and would like some insight, I would be more than happy (trust me) to offer an interpretation.  I have been doing this for over twenty years and am usually right on.  Tell me your dreams.  Let’s stop wasting the aspect of our life which brings us to the wholeness of who we are.  What do your dreams reveal about you? If you want some clarity, feel free to email me: ArticulatingMagic@gmail.com, or write it in the comments and I will comment back.