What is the World Without My Awareness, by J.L. Forbes


What is a mountain without my longing to climb,
Or the vivid autumn valley absent of my wonder?
What is the ocean without my fascination,
Or the shoreline lacking imprints of my path?
What is the laughter of a child without my amusement,
Or a puppy without my excitement to play?
Who is my son without my unconditional acceptance,
Or my daughter without my loving guidance?
Where is the beauty in the sunset, or a heart of gratitude under a brilliant full moon,
When I am not awake to their magnificence?
Who am I, when my awareness is elsewhere beyond this present moment,
Ensnared in the maze of my thoughts?
What good is my life if I am not attentive while I’m here,
And what good is the world without my consideration?
What is the point of my existence if I lock myself behind grief, anger, jealousy
Or cloak myself beneath an unforgiving heart?
Without my perception, the world goes on,
Yet my perception is my only experience of the world.
So let it be that my awareness saves me,
And brings my focus to completeness, beauty, and gratitude
Because this world is but a glimpse into the abundance of love,
Or but a glance into the eternal void, of lack thereof