Prohibition and the Expirimentation of a Nation


Being American means being able to get an education while sitting in your favorite chair with a bowl of popcorn in your lap.  I love Netflix documentaries, and I was home yesterday with a sick kid watching the Ken Burns ‘Prohibition’ three part series.  OF COURSE I was watching this!  What else would a reformed drunk be watching?  I love anything that has to do with addiction or rehab.  It’s important to me that filmmakers get these things right, and depict my former affliction in all it’s misery.  When people on screen get sober without going through terrible withdrawal symptoms, it does not put things into perspective.  The whole reason we remained high or drunk was in fear of that impending agony, but Ken Burns made sure to include information about the ole’ alcoholic DTs in his film.  (Thank you Ken Burns).

With that said, it’s incredibly interesting that America is still so young, and in the phases of experimentation.  The way our country moves and grows as a whole, is exactly how it occurs on an individual basis. America as a whole, operates in self-will.  For every accomplishment America has made, there is always a negative recourse.  We obtained our land by slaughtering the original natives. We did the same thing to establish Christianity.  We impose “the law” which entices corruption, and we build banks and corporations to generate money and power, yet the adverse effect of this, is that the working class is pushed into poverty.  We are an ambitious nation, but this doesn’t mean we’ve got things figured out.  Like any man who runs on his self-will and discovers himself void of true fulfillment, America hasn’t come to its knees yet.  Like a determined addict, America is self-destructive, and still in the phases of denial.

During a time when our country should have been thriving, we found our hardworking men drunk in the streets, and intoxicated on their jobs.  Eventually the Christian wives snapped and did something about it, but we all know that removing liquor from the bars wasn’t the real answer to reform.  People had to figure this out on their own.  Men had to get drunk, destroy their lives, and then wake-up and realize that they didn’t want to live that way any longer. In general, Americans want to be good people, but you can’t force this on anyone, or impose religion and expect to change a nation. This is a personal movement; a spiritual one.  The cycle of “waking up” and rebirth, is something that occurs on a cosmic level, all the way down to the individual.  It doesn’t skip past a nation either.  America, as well as other countries, will one day get their wake-up call, which will make 9-11 look like a Disney side show.  A spiritual awakening is eminent, and corporate America will discover that money and power is merely an illusion.  “Pride cometh before a fall.”  Don’t we know this by now? Rome is a prime example.

I love my country, and the people in it.  It is a beautiful country, and Americans are brilliant and creative people.  We are pioneers in so many things, but we forget the most important thing, which is to remain humble.  There isn’t a humble bone in the government body, and this is a set up for our demise.  Christian’s fight to keep “in God we trust” on the dollar bill, but this is not going to save our country.  We need to individually wake-up and walk in humility, one by one, in order for the country as a whole to be redeemed.  Instead of marching on the streets for prayer in schools, we should be at home walking the talk.  Godlessness is an individual problem, not a national one.  Each of us should be changing the one thing we can, in order to change the world.  I’m a big fan of the saying, “If you want to change the world, draw a circle around yourself and change everything inside of it.”

I just want to put this out here today to remind myself to focus on what I’m doing, rather than point my fingers outward.  I’ve been sober for three years now, and everything has changed for me.  Things fall into place when they probably should fall apart, and it’s because I finally got myself to a humble place.  I just want to remain in this place and trust in a power greater than myself, to provide exactly what I need at the right time.  This doesn’t mean that I can’t be ambitious, or that should I sit around watching Netflix all day.  No, it means that I follow my dreams through the guidance of my intuition, rather than busting through life through the determination of my ego, knowing that my soul has a better view of my life than my five senses do.  At some point each of us figures this out, but it’s rare that it occurs with the masses, all at once. I hope America doesn’t have to go through a harrowing wake-up call like I did when the universe decided I needed some humility.  I hope we can all just take a moment to reflect on where we are navigating from, and wake-up individually, so that this country changes gracefully, rather than destructively.