I Am Awake. Are You Awake, or In the Common Dream State?


I was reading something the other day about how when water encounters a rock along its path, it naturally and gracefully moves around the rock without stopping to observe, or making any kind of judgment about the rock.  The rock may be blocking the water’s pathway, but the water is always headed downstream, so no matter how big or intrusive the rock is, the water will find a way around the rock to continue moving downstream into a bigger body of water.  Sometimes the water must trickle its way around the rock because the rock is quite large, but regardless, the water is never in resistance of the rock.  It knows its path and cannot be broken, divided, confused or halted.  It can be re-directed, but it will never turn around and go backward, freak out, or head in the opposite direction just because of a rock.  It always finds its way to the bigger body of water.  This is a metaphor for the journey of the soul, which is always headed downstream to its source.  The only thing blocking the soul from its beautiful journey to its source, is the vessel in which the soul travels (and that means YOU – your thoughts, your behaviors, your ideas, beliefs, opinions, addictions, judgments, etc…).

 I’m writing this today because I recall a time in my life when I was so concerned about the way things turned out in certain situations.  I held on to people so tightly that I discovered myself disappointed with them more often than not.  I worried about being cheated on by my partner, job security, what others were saying about me, how each person was behaving and what they were achieving, and if I was doing enough to impress the people around me.  As I look around and observe people in their “dream state” of not knowing that their soul is constantly in motion toward its source, I understand with complete clarity now, that anything goes in the “real” world.  I mean, nothing that occurs is any kind of shock to me now.  Life is not random per say, but people’s behaviors certainly are.  When people do not know they are a temple of their downward streaming soul (which is most people btw), the situations that occur as a result of this can be chaotic, ridiculous, comical, stagnant, and sometimes tragic.  To observe it all with eyes so open now to the fact that most people are clueless about their soul journey, I can hardly fault anyone for their reasoning.  I mean, if you’re not clear on your path, there is going to be a LOT of reasoning and straying and misbehaving.  It doesn’t matter what all of that includes.  The further away from the knowing, the more in depth the insanity. 

We had this one counsellor in treatment who used to giggle about people’s behaviors when they were not aware of her observation of them.  She would look at me and say, “People are so funny, aren’t they?”  I squinted my eyes and tilted my head trying to figure out what she meant.  I was still one of those funny people (I still am in so many ways).  I didn’t know that most of my behaviors derived from being asleep along my soul journey.  I was involved in little dramas with my peers, and I got caught up in all kinds of scenarios.  My soul was travelling downstream toward its source, but I was a boulder of thoughts, of ideas, of confusion about my life, and still always trying to impress people.  I hammered myself and judged myself for every mistake I made, instead of allowing myself to flow freely and openly.  I bought into the soap operas and sitcoms occurring all of the time, rather than smiling and noticing that it was always just a performance of people not knowing they were on a beautiful soul journey.

 “All of this ‘soul journey’ stuff is just a philosophy…” you might add right about now, and perhaps you are not wrong, but allow me to explain that this “philosophy” is the only that makes any sort of sense to me in the grand scheme of my life.  I spent 35 years suffering with confusion.  Nothing flowed.  Nothing made much sense.  I was an enigma on a planet with seven billion other enigmas.  I felt worthless, except for once in a while when I happened to make some kind of achievement, which quickly faded and then I was back to being an enigma always trying to reach another achievement, or impress another person, until I eventually gave up altogether.  Suppose most people don’t care about what life is about, and they just go along with the mainstream way of thinking.  Fine for them – this was not me.  I often wish it was.  It would be so much easier.  But honestly, when you really talk to most people, they are not living a life of fulfillment, and most people who are, usually find their fulfillment because of another person who they have fallen in love with.  Fine.  Beautiful – but if that person dies, or gets really sick, or decides to cheat on them, they would be devastated, and then what?  The fulfillment is gone.  The joy has been dissipated.  You see, this always crossed my mind when I fell in love, so I kept searching for something that was more sustaining.  Humans are human.  They cannot be counted on – I don’t care who they are.  Even Jesus, Buddha and Gandhi left the planet – leaving us behind to discover our own path.  You cannot attach yourselves to a human being without one day discovering yourself at a complete loss when they are gone, or when they make a mistake.  So this philosophy of the soul journey, which opens up my perspective to a much better understanding of my life, is the only thing sustaining.  It’s the only thing that has made sense for me, which is a really big deal considering I spent most of my life in a desperate state of suffering and confusion.

With this understanding of the soul journey, you can always find a way to flow with life.  It does not matter what occurs, or who comes along your path, or who leaves or disappoints.  If you understand that you are always in a state of constant movement toward your source (God), you will always discover a way around each encounter, experience, and obstruction.  You will gracefully learn how to flow (although often clumsily at first). You will not take life’s dramas and sitcoms too seriously.  People buy into the physical realm because it is tangible and it has mass, but when you begin following your intuition, life expands into something much more intensely sustainable.  It feels guided and full of love, peace and joy.  This is the real deal – philosophy or not.  It works for me and for many others.  You can’t prove it, yet when you begin flowing downstream, it becomes an innate knowing. 

 How is that for a little food for thought?  Flow with your life today.  Smile at the boulders along your path and continue moving downstream.  Nothing can stop your soul from its natural flow except for the vessel in which it travels (and that’s YOU).  Let go of opinions, beliefs, attachments and desire – because without these things, the journey is so much more fulfilling and the happiness is sustaining.  If you don’t believe me – I challenge you to try it and prove me wrong (wink)!

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