Our 21st Century Tower of Babel


I’m a big fan of physics and I’ve always been interested in getting to the bottom of things.  Let’s shed all the nonsense and see the truth.  If the truth was what our physicists were truly looking for, however, they would have discovered it already – not in outer space, but in philosophy.  But they are not looking for truth.  They want facts, and facts only lead to more questions.  This has been the game between “God” and man since early Biblical times.  And what happens when man decides to go so far out of himself that he forgets himself?  There is a manifestation of confusion.

I was at a planetarium yesterday where they showed us how far they’ve come with knowledge of the universe.  Basically what I learned was that they haven’t figured out much.  There are more questions, more theories and bigger devices trying to see deeper into space so that they can get answers.  They showed how much of the universe we can actually see from our point of perception, but the deeper you get into space, the more you see of the same thing.  It’s a bunch of galaxies just like ours, one after the other, but here’s the kicker – the lights we see from other galaxies are from millions of years ago, so we have no way of knowing what’s going on out there right now.  We know the universe is expanding, and it expands faster as time goes on, and when they were showing the endless stars in the galaxies, and demonstrated what they believe “dark matter” looks like, all I could think about was how much space resembles the human brain and inside the human body at the cellular level, especially when they added the dark matter.  Knowledge expands, just like space, so what if space is merely mirroring the human being, or vise versa?  You can’t prove this with matter, so it will never be included in the study.  Not in mainstream science anyway.

“As above so below.”  Sometimes the most intricate questions are the most simple things to answer.  As I looked around the Academy of Sciences yesterday I noticed that a lot of the same designs come up in different species of animals.  Many scientist are exploring the idea of a Holographic Universe, which makes more sense than anything.  Space is relative just like time.  What is big to an ant is small to us.  What if we are mereley a reflection of a bigger being?  I mean, we quite possibly are cells or atoms of that being, with our own ecosystems.  I think if we want to know about the universe, we first must know about ourselves.  The answers aren’t “out there.”  They are within, but that’s not science.  That’s philosophy.  I guess that’s why I’ve always leaned toward philosophy with my ear to the ground in the study of physics.

I wrote this today because it interests me – a lot.  In mainstream science (which is taught to our children in public schools), we look for facts rather than seeking truth.  What comes with those scientific facts is a plethora of more questions.  Then there are more theories, more studies, and then manmade awards and recognition to the scientists who discover something new.  It’s a race to win really.  Science wants to make a name for itself.  There is never a quenching of the scientific thirst.  Not for long anyway.  It’s a constant game of cat and mouse.  Wasn’t it Einstein who said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?”  I think this is the big joke of the universe.  You’ll never discover the answer you seek (our source of origin), because the answers just bring more questions.  This is eternal.  Seek truth and you will find fulfillment.  Seek material facts and you will discover more questions.  I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather stand back and know that there is a hamster wheel, rather than running on it trying to figure out its source.  It seems like we were put here to touch, smell, taste, hear, see and feel.  That’s where you discover truth.  The answer is never outside of you.  It is always within.  “As above, so below.”  This is the answer.  Everything microscopic reflects the whole.  

Splitting particles is exciting and it does teach us a lot about the material world, but there is so much in this reality that our human eyes cannot perceive.  We can only perceive whatever reflects light, but what if there is something beyond light?  This is what dark matter is suggesting, however in quantum physics, we’ve proven that thoughts create our reality, so why are we studying the Astros if matter is subjective via human consciousness?

In the story of the Tower of Babel, I learned in Sunday School that the people built the tower so that they could reach the heavens, but as I re-read the story as an adult, it’s clear that the people simply wanted to establish a single identity where they would be seen from all corners of the land.  They wanted to make a name for themselves.  This is when “the Lord” came and mixed up their common language because as an identity, there was nothing they couldn’t accomplish through that identity.  This story is much more complex than I learned in church.  They do not teach us about the ego in church.  They teach us about the devil, which is outside of ourselves.

Human beings latch onto identities, and when we do this, we loose sight of the bigger picture.  If we buy into an identity, we can build our world around it.  If I am a mom and a wife and nothing more, then my whole world reflects this.  Everything I do will derive from my identities of being a mom and a wife.  If I decide to be a PTA member in the meantime, then my life will reflect that aspect as well, and so forth.  When ‘the Lord” came and confused the language, the identity was then lost, and the people stopped building the city where Babel was erected.  This was a demonstration of shedding the ego (identity).  We must shed the ego if we are to “wake up” and see the whole, rather than buy into an identity.

Science is one aspect of the whole.  It’s an identity.  It’s bent on understanding the material world, yet the material world is not simply matter.  You cannot discover the truth by focusing merely on material facts.  There has to be a collaboration of all things considered, including faith, philosophy, the understanding of consciousness and how it effects our reality.  If you want to know our source, you must first know yourself.  My point is, we should be studying closer to home.  Splitting particles will only give us a fraction of the whole truth, and if our thoughts create reality, then whatever they are trying to prove in science can easily be manipulated by the thoughts of the theorist.  This has been proven. 

I’m not knocking science.  It’s just like anything else.  If we keep things separate, and continue labeling life and identifying with certain aspects of the whole, we will never get to a place of wholeness or knowing.  We will never have a complete answer.  We are a fractured planet because we live inside our identities.  We need to break through the identities and open ourselves up to the possibilities, which are limitless.  That’s all I’m saying.


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