Life is Like a Pizza Delivery Service – It Brings You Exactly What You Order


Like many people, I used to think that life “happened” to me and that I was handed this random deck of cards that I was supposed to sort out and play according to certain rules in the game of life.  Always with a poker face, I rebelliously went against the flow of the game.  Sometimes I got a lucky hand while other times I had to fold.  I grew restless with the inconsistency and bored without direction.  If life simply happens to me, then I’d rather be dead.  This is unpredictable and scary.  It also makes me feel like I’m in a lottery and who wants to live in the land of hope throughout their lives?  With that kind of existence there comes a lot of disappointment.  There had to be a better way to live, and I had to be a lot more important than a number in a pool.  Being alive can’t be about waiting around.  It simply can’t.

Recovery took me right out of that game altogether.  I turned in my deck in and walked away from the table that dealt me my life.  It was time to create some kind of order in my existence because nothing was working for me.  I was acutely aware that something was amiss.  I attracted some things I wanted, while other things remained unreachable.  All this talk of the law of attraction excited me, and it definitely made sense when I saw that it was proven over and over.  It made sense because I’d experienced it to some degree, but I had to take it to the next level.  When I finally got myself healthy, and got to a point where I trusted myself to make good decisions for my life (a.k.a. self-love), I decided to practice this way of living.  How do I attract that which I want?  How do I create a life that I love living – that doesn’t just happen to me – that I can call my own?  We are made in the image of God.  God is the ultimate expressionist.  God creates – therefore I am the creator of my life.  And there is no right and wrong to how I choose to create, but how do I hone in on making my life a masterpiece instead of having random clumps of clay scattered about that are halfway molded?  How do I gather up everything I am and everything I have to create that masterpiece?  I’ll tell you – it takes a lot of fire.

First of all, the masterpiece isn’t outside of you.  It’s you.  So think of yourself as a piece of coal that must be put under pressure and heat in order to be purified into a diamond.  What happens when a diamond is revealed?  It is attractive, to say the very least, and this is relevant.  You become pure enough to attract, and what you attract is everything that you represent.  At this point of self-purification, when you’ve walked through your fear, climbed your mountains of doubt and have taken the volcanic heat of burning through all the layers of soot (a.k.a. labels, images, beliefs, opinions, attitudes, opposing behaviors, etc.), there you are left standing there in your wholeness.  There is nothing jading your lavishness and perfection.  The soul is shining through, and that powerful force inside of you is no longer obstructed by an ego.  The ego is there, but it is no longer in control.  Now it is of service to you because it is a terrific thinker, and you must think in order to create.  This is where things get exciting.

We are all pieces of coal in the stages of being purified into diamonds.  That is what we came here in this human existence to become, but some people would rather remain underground in the mine shaft away from the heat of life.  Others choose purification, but can’t take the heat and it is a very slow process for them.  We all decide how much heat we can take, how conscious we are about our experience here and how far we want to go with the purification process.  Many people get comfortable when they are halfway there and that’s as far as they go.

The human soul without the soot of opinion, fear, doubt, malice, etc. is a magnetic force that can bring forth anything that it wants.  Because everything is connected on a universal scale, nothing is out of reach, but the bottom line is that you’ve got to be in alignment with who you are, which is that beautiful soul.  You can attract all sorts of things without being in alignment and through your ego, but for everything to make sense and to have a masterpiece of an existence, there has to be a purified human being – one who has taken the hero’s journey and died to their old ways and become the person that they were meant to be.  That may never happen in this lifetime, but as long as you are being present and taking charge of your life, the ability to create that which you truly want will be delivered.  When we are not aware of this, it occurs as well, but life seems random and that is because we are living a random existence.  You have to know who you are, what you want and where you are going in order to attract all that you need to get there.  And you must know exactly what you don’t want, just as much as you know what you do want.  Knowing what you don’t want is like removing layers of clay that don’t fit the mold.  It’s all part of the process to creating a masterpiece of a life.  Those extra clumps of clay serve a purpose too.  They teach you how to rid yourself of what doesn’t serve your creation.

In retrospect, I see that I attracted so many things into my life – men, material possessions, jobs and experiences, but they were not fulfilling because I had no intention in my life.  I was kind of just existing, hoping for something better and giving into temporary pleasures.  Nothing was truly random, but it felt like it was because I had no idea who I was or what I truly wanted for my life.  I kind of had an idea, but I didn’t have a vision.  It is so important to have a vision and to know what it’s going to take to bring it into fruition.  This will eliminate all the soot that obstructs the view of the spirit.

You put things out into the universe with your thoughts and your desires, but the soot either holds things back, or obstructs the desire of the soul, so life seems unpredictable, and sometimes callous toward you.  When that diamond begins shining through, you get a sense of clarity about why things happen and what they mean for you.  You understand that everything you encounter is of service to you in some way, even if it occurs simply to tell you that it’s not what you want.  It is all very relevant.  What you order is what you receive.  Placing blame on others for bad experiences is like walking around blindfolded.  We are all creators of our existence, and the people that come into your life are there because somehow you attracted them, or you attracted the experience to bring you toward purification.  Nothing is a waste, and once you decide to walk in this awareness, you will become the master of your life –  with a lot of help from your higher power.  It all works together as a whole.  You are part of that whole, not a number in a lottery, so remember this and allow it to work for you instead of against you.  Order exactly what you want, and enjoy every bite of your life!




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