What Are We Waiting For? The Time to Live is NOW.


Inspiration doesn’t always come from a flashing light in my brain, or by an epiphany I’m having about the universe.  More often than not, inspiration comes in the shower when I’m wiping soap off of my face, or during times in the car when there is nothing to talk about.  It comes when I am sitting at my desk at work and uploading a file.  It comes when I’m doing dishes or mowing the lawn.  I used to go climb mountains to find inspiration, and prior to that, I would go to church, but I’m beginning to realize that there is no place more powerful than the next.  If I’m not fully engaged in the way it feels to touch my keyboard and type in the pleasant darkness of a twilight morning while my roommate snores in the next room, what makes me think that writing a book in Greece is going to be any more significant?  There is no Greece, or mountain top, or island in the sand.  There is only me, a tablet screen, an old wooden desk and a cat that won’t stop digging his claws into my legs to get my attention.  There is snoring, meowing and a strange nose coming from the old pipes in this home I rent.  If I’m not inspired by these things, I certainly do not deserve to commence a life beyond this very one I am living now.     

Many of us desire something more than what we have already graciously been given, which is a terrific set up for our suffering.  Two billion people on the planet right now are looking toward the sky, waiting for a savior to come and remove them from their suffering.  Others are waiting for something, but they don’t exactly know what it is, and then there are people like me who spend most of their lives running around California in search of sustainable spirituality, and then when we can’t find it, we look for it at the bottom of a bottle.  We worry about death and what comes after this life, rather than breathe in the heaven that is right now. 

Haven’t you ever touched your cup of coffee and felt the magnificence of the ceramic in the palm of your hand?  Have you ever walked barefoot on a hardwood floor and felt the connection of the earth throughout your entire being?  Have you ever looked in the mirror, or into the brilliant old face of a sea turtle, and seen God?  I have.  I’m learning to see God in all living things, and to touch God in the cup I’m holding.  I’m learning to feel God in the brisk wind, to taste God in the life giving food I eat, and to drink God in the bottled water I buy at Target.  I’m learning to breathe God in each second I’m alive, and to hear God even in the voice of an angry person.  I’ve stopped praying to a far away God, and have begun realizing that the answer to my prayers is not coming tomorrow because tomorrow does not exist.  Everything I ever wanted in my life is available instantly.  I’ve never been apart from it; I was just too blind to see the illumination of life right in front of me.

We want answers.  We want happiness.  We want to be saved, yet we disregard this moment and the next, as if taking out the garbage is insignificant.  It is not.  It is so full of opportunity to explore our five senses, but instead of finding grace in touching, seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, we are thinking about what could happen tomorrow.  It is the demise of the planet; this need to know what’s beyond this very moment, which is so incredibly sacred, yet we are devastatingly blind.  Joy is ever-present.  Each second of life, joy is inviting you to awaken to it, and then it graciously awaits your awareness.  Joy cannot be experienced without your presence, don’t you understand… because God came here to experience joy in the very template of you.  God came here in the template of all living things, so that every aspect of God could be explored in every possible way.  There is no separateness between God and man.  Even the air is full of everything you seek.  It is this very moment that exists, and nothing more, so what the hell are we waiting for?  Explore the magnificent world around you today, and there you will discover that there is absolutely nothing missing, and everything you’ve ever desired is immediately available. Wake up!



2 thoughts on “What Are We Waiting For? The Time to Live is NOW.

  1. The simplicity of this conscious living is also a challenge at times for me. Because, as we know, alcoholics like to complicate many things. At least I did. Try not to these days. And so when the basic, attainable availability of the Creator is at hand (figuratively and literally, like your examples there), it’s almost too easy to dismiss it as something else. I love those glimpses into His creation and world that goes beyond the physical. When I feel the wind and wonder where it comes from, how does it manifest, I sit still in the wonder of His existence…and mine, and others.

    And as you put so wonderfully, all of this is not found on lofty mountain tops and exotic locales…it found within. Just as I used to carry my old alcoholic me around wherever I went, I can now carry the majesty of the internal and divine with me as well. And why not? It’s there. When I get ego-struck, I block that light. When I allow myself to open to it, then I am there.

    What a place to be.

    Thank you for this. Fantastic post.


  2. Paul, I have spent several years (about ten) to get to the place where I am today, and I still have to remind myself to be present. I’m in my head more often than not, and this is where things get complicated, but I slow myself down by listening to the birds, or feeling my feet on the ground. I bring myself back to the present if I am getting ahead of myself, or having anxious thoughts. What has been working for me, is having more compassion for myself, and also not being judgmental of how I respond to my experiences. I have ugly moments like everyone else, but lately I’ve stopped myself from hating myself afterward. Instead, I give myself an emotional hug, and then I don’t dwell on what I did wrong. If I need to apologize to someone, I try to do it right away, but I don’t beat myself up for my humanness. I believe compassion is the key because it’s working for me. Take care today, and smile upon yourself.

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