The Architect


Yesterday I was drawn to an open house in the hills not too far from where I live.  I’m not in the market to buy a home right now, but I love getting ideas for the home I’m eventually going to buy.  Walking into beautiful homes entices my imagination, and helps me to dream bigger.  If I can feel myself living there, then I know that it’s available to me.  Also, when I’m drawn to something, I follow the yearn within me.  I was drawn to this home.  I’ve seen it sitting on the market for quite some time and they’re always having open houses on Sundays.  It’s a several million dollar listing, but this does not stop me from dreaming, because the higher power I know, does not think in terms of dollar bills, nor does my higher power have limitations.  I’m open to receiving whatever the universe has to offer me and I’m not afraid to reach for the stars. 

I drove up the hill to this modern style house and was greeted by a woman whom I thought was the Realtor, so I went around with her, explaining that I was not in the market, but I was in the profession (real estate) and had been curious about this place.  There was another woman sitting at a table, and I just thought they were partners in the listing.  What fascinated me about the home, was that it was built and designed around a magnificent rock.  This rock’s base is on the bottom floor of the home, and protrudes through the main floor.  It felt so sacred being there, and with the suggestion from the woman, I placed both of my hands on the rock to get a sensation of oneness with nature; which is how the house was built.  I explained that I was a writer in recovery from alcoholism, and the woman had me sit down on a bench built next to the rock.  She told me to take a look at the fabulous view of the mountains and the valley, from a floor to ceiling window, while explaining that a former writer/tenant had completed a compelling manuscript in the very place where I sat.   I think she said the book is doing well.  I felt the power of that place, and raved about its incredible uniqueness.  I had no idea that I was talking to the architect who designed the home!

Wow.  So there I am simply in awe that this woman I’ve been talking to, has such a bond to this place.  She’s had offers from investors, and refuses to sell it to them because she sees an artist living there.  Everyone who has lived in the home has been an artist, from musicians to painters to writers. ( I agree with her.  A writer would be perfect for that home!)  Anyway, as I began to leave, she told me that she would like to read one of my books.  I just so happened to have my children’s novel, ‘Majestic Wonderbread’ in the car, so I offered it to her and told her to pass it along to any children in her life.  She was delighted, and then she mentioned the cover, which is designed with a painting of the milky way.  “I want you to come back inside.  I have something to show you,” she said.  I obliged.

The architect pulled out a folder, and there inside was the building design from start to finish, of a home built above the one we were in now.  The former tenants of this home loved the house, but it wasn’t for sale at the time, so they decided to build their own on the vacant lot above.  The page she wanted to show me, was not of the land or the homes; but of the sky.  She showed me a picture of the stars, the galaxy, and the constellations above the two homes.

“This is what inspired my designs,” she noted.  “This is the milky way, which you can see from Google when you type in the coordinates of this house.”  She looked at me with excitement.  “This is all right above this home… just like the cover of your book!”  I was moved beyond words, but not because of the coincidence.  I’m used to coincidences.  They occur all of the time when I’m in alignment with my path.  It’s just the universe’s way of letting me know that I’m on track.  What I was in awe about, is how she used the design of the stars to design the two homes.  She was a great artist, and there I was standing in her presence.  I couldn’t believe it.  “This is how the ancient architects designed the pyramids,” I said to her smiling.  “I know,” she replied, gleaming.

What a great honor, to follow the yearning of my soul, and to walk into such a dynamic experience without needing anything, or expecting much.  I just went there because I felt a yearning.  I met the Realtor too, who was sitting at the table.  While she was flipping through the pages of my novel, she opened up to us, and shared with us that she’d lost her son, and was certain that he was always near her.  She felt him.  I don’t know why she mentioned this, but I’m glad she did, because it wasn’t the usual sales pitch, which wouldn’t have done her, or me, any good.  She told us this because she felt she could, and because we were all there just being.  It was an amazing moment.  I’m so glad I went to that house yesterday. 

This doesn’t have a lot to do with recovery you say… Oh, but it does.  It truly does.  It was the surrendering to that yearning voice inside me that knows so much more than my limited mind knows.  My intuition understands that great forces are at work, and gives me little nudges here and there, so that I have the opportunity to be touched in a way that blows my mind.  If I had been drinking this weekend, I wouldn’t have felt anything, and I wouldn’t have had that precious experience.  I wouldn’t have touched the sacred rock, or felt the connectedness of the moment.  I wouldn’t have met those women, or handed someone my book, nor would I have been reminded that I’m loved beyond measure, because that’s what I felt in that home yesterday.  I’m connected, I’m loved, I’m supported and there is great power in my life now.  It’s because I’m sober, that I am open to receiving this power.  I am so eternally grateful that I can heed to the calling of my intuition now, which I used to drown out and ignore.  I’m so grateful for these precious moments in my life.  And what an amazing life it is!  Thank you Universe! And thank you, Creator, for designing my life in such a dynamic way!
Link to the house:

Link to Majestic Wonderbread:


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