Being Open to Receiving and How it All Works


I talk a lot about intuition in my blog, and all my life I’ve been curious about the inner workings of the universe.  While I was growing up, I always wanted to spend a week on an Indian reservation, dancing around fires, and learning the ways of the people closest to the earth and nature.  Something inside pulled me to that organic culture; the great wisdom that has nearly been abolished by our western “civilization.”  I’ve never been a big fan of buildings and malls.  I suppose (being a free-spirit and all…) walls were never my thing.  At church camp each summer, I was in my element, and while other kids snuck away to smoke cigarettes, I was ditching out of daily competitions to go hiking in the woods.  I followed the beat of my own drum, which made me kind of a weird kid, but as I got older, drinking was a perfect elixir.  It was what helped me feel like I fit in. 

Now that I’m comfortable in my own skin, I’m able to walk (or dance) to the beat of my own drum without feeling insecure about what other people think of me.  Becoming an adult is like getting a free pass to relax.  If people don’t like me, it’s not like I’m stuck in an institution for four years with them, worried about being ridiculed.  I was never really ridiculed anyway.  Having a pen and paper in my hand at all times allowed me to express myself quietly without exposing myself to the world.  Now behind my little tablet and keyboard, I do the same exact thing, but I’m not afraid to share my thoughts these days.  It is much more acceptable now, that people are genuine.  Even television shows have gotten more “real.”  We aren’t all hiding behind a look-good exterior as we once used to in this society.  People are waking up (slowly), but we are finally allowed to be ourselves.  Even in professional settings, people have relaxed a lot more.  It’s a different world we’re living in, where secrets are difficult to hide.  Social media has offered me something I never had as a child, which is the opportunity to share my experience, strength and hope to people just like me.

I listen to a lot of “underground” radio shows and read a bit of non-conventional news, because you simply cannot trust the mainstream madness for any real truth of what’s going on in the world.  I like to know what’s really going on out there.  There is so much occurring all at once, it’s difficult to take it all in.  Physics has always interested me, and one of the radio shows I listen to brings on guests that keep the “people” in the loop about current discoveries and developments.  One of those discoveries (which has been experimented with since the sixties) is an etheric library that encapsulates all living things.  With this etheric library, people are able to tap into the past, present and future, which explains precognition, psychic experiences and wisdom that often comes out of nowhere.  I wrote a book once, that poured out of me so quickly, I could hardly keep up with the words as they flowed through my fingers.  The information that came to me was stuff I didn’t even know about, but later discovered that it was “right on.”  People do this all the time, but we weren’t told about this etheric library that has records of each moment occurring, and cosmically calculates the future.  It’s like a blanket of endless information that we can tap into at any given time.  Human beings are electromagnetic antennas, and have the ability to receive and transmit information all day long.  They use this in the military, but these findings are top secret because the world is always in a state of war.  Leaking out these dynamic discoveries, sadly places us in grave danger.

It’s a lot to take in, so I’m not going to elaborate on this “cosmic library” we all have access to tap into.  It simply makes sense to me, and it’s extremely exciting, so I wanted to share it.  I’m still learning about it and finding out all I can about the way things work in this world.  We underestimate the power that is within us to do greater things with our lives.  We undervalue ourselves, and look to others for acceptance.  Sadly, those other people undervalue themselves as well.  It’s time we discover the greatness that lies within each one of us.  We aren’t in an assembly line here, with random moments of bliss.  The bliss is everywhere, if we could only become aware of the grand illusion of the physical realm, which often points to something greater occurring. 

I just wanted to share this today because this kind of stuff is what gets me excited to wake up in the morning.  The world is an endless learning experience, and I feel like there’s not enough time to take it all in.  As we all go about our lives today, let us look past the nonsense, and seek beyond the physical walls before us.  Let us be open to receiving everything that is available right now.  It’s our human right to reach for the stars and to live out our dreams, and now it’s been scientifically proven that we have access to literally everything.


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