Fear is a Fraud

Lush No Longer

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My dogmatic and religious upbringing (via church, pastors and mothers), generously offered me mega doses of fear as a reminder that the margin between heaven and hell was razor thin.  If I didn’t behave In accordance with the Christian doctrine, however, there was always God’s son, Jesus, there to cover my ass.  It was heavily suggested that I ask him into my heart so that I was under a broad umbrella of salvation during random acts of sin.  I bought into this for over 20 years, eventually questioning the entire Pentecostal system.  Nobody I grew up with was anywhere near following all those rules they laid down on us every Sunday, and I was getting tired of always asking the Big Guy upstairs for forgiveness.  Wasn’t he getting tired of my infinite apologies?

It’s a miracle that I even curse the good lord’s name these days, after growing up in such a fear-based church community and home.  I was convinced that I was going to hell for eternity if…

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