Letting Go Is Giving Yourself Wings

Lush No Longer

Letting Go

In treatment, we had a really intuitive counselor who would look directly at you, and see right through your elusive bullshit.  She was good at what she did.  Her method was very effective, and I’m pretty certain that she saved my life.  I endearingly call her “The Ego Eliminator,” because she saw right through my nonsense, and spoke assertively to the part of me that always wanted to destroy my own life.  While she was doing this, she also saw the essence of who I was beneath my shackled mind, and reminded my spirit that I could live a life a freedom.  It was harsh, the way she spoke to my ego, and sometimes it felt like she was stabbing my face.  Deep down, however, I knew I was getting the truth, and I was at a place where I could take the heat, in order to finally heal.

Part of my problem, as with most addicts and alcoholics, is that I always had to…

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